This Morning: What to know before heading to the polls


It’s Election Day!

Voters will make decisions on several important races and proposals in Michigan.

Thousands will make their way to the polls to cast their ballot.

At 7AM the polls will open statewide.

Thousands will trickle in to voting centers around the state.

Snaking through long lines to cast a ballot.

Ingham County Clerk, Barb Byrum, says when you get to your voting location you’ll be asked to show a government issued ID card such as a drivers license.

However if you don’t have one it’s not required.

“If you don’t have your photo id it’s totally fine. You’ll turn your application to vote over and you’ll sign an affidavit that you are who you say you are under penalty of perjury and you’ll vote your regular ballot,” says Byrum.

Byrum says something else you’re encouraged to bring with you are notes.

Whether on a piece of paper or a cell phone.

She says this could speed up your time in the voting booth and help lines move quicker.

“If you have a note, just put it in your pocket and you can certainly take that with you to the polling location to remind yourself how you wanted to vote,” says Byrum.

However voters will need to leave campaign material at home.

No ballot selfies or video use will be allowed.

Byrum says it’s a long ballot so make sure to read both sides.

Allowing extra time to wait in line and make decisions on each race.

She says every vote counts and making sure your voice is heard is important.

Which is why she stresses get to your polling location before the close of polls at 8PM tonight.

“If you’re in line by 8 o-clock, stay in line. You still have the opportunity to vote as long as you’re in line by the close of polls,” says Byrum.

For help finding your polling location, click here.

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