This Morning: ‘Work It Out Wednesday’: Stability Ball Work Outs


(WLNS) — How good is your balance?

Balance is at the core of almost all physical activity, and it happens to be good for your core too.

This week Mariah Harrison and personal trainer Walter Crockett put their balance to the test, and show two work outs incorporating stability balls.

The first is called the Stability Ball Leg Raise and Ball Squeeze.

Lay flat on a mat, squeeze stability ball between legs and lift.

Make sure to keep movements slow and fluid.

The next move is called the Stability Ball Leg Lift and Push Up.

Roll out onto your stability ball until the ball is between your calves and ankles, lift one leg straight up then tap it on the ground, bring the leg back into the air and then down to the resting position.

Do a push up, then repeat.

This total body move will improve your balance, and strengthen the core.

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