This Morning: Work zone awareness week calls attention to speed and safety


It’s national Work Zone Awareness Week drawying attention to worker safety when driving through construction zones.

With only feet between them, workers like Kurt Gorski spend 10 hours a day wondering if it will be their last.

“There’s people with their cell phones and everything. We’ll have crashes right next to us, many times,” says Kurt Gorski, Transportation Maitenance Worker with MDOT.

Gorski says he loves his job, but fixing a guardrail while drivers ruch to work can often be intimidating.

“The people that really don’t care to slow down. That’s really surprising when people drive these roads every day,” says Gorski.

Speed, according to the U.D. Department of Transportation, is a factor in 29% of all fatal work zone crashes.

One of many statistics MDOT Spokesperson, Aaron Jenkins says National Work Zone Awareness Week draws attention to.

“People take it for granted. You want your potholes fixed, you want to have a nice safe road to drive on but you can’t do it without these workers,” says Jenkins.

In 2017, more than 700 people died in crashes in a work zone in the United States according to the Federal Highway Administration.

An alarming reason why Gorski says workers are trained to take several precautions.

“It can be scary if you put your mind to it. We try to position our vehicles so that if anyone does come at our work-site we’re pretty well protected,” says Gorski.

Just doing a job.. hoping you’ll take your time getting to yours.

“Just give it a second thought. Ya know, we’re out here every day and people get a little complacent but I think if you see those orange lights just be a little it more aware. We’d appreciate it,” says Gorski.

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