Thousands gather for “Women’s March on Lansing”


Hundreds of thousands gathered in one place, for one purpose, to stand together as a united front.

“We need to make it known that we will not tolerate bullying, we will not tolerate discrimination, when you come banging on our doors, we’re going to come right back and we’re going to prove to you that we do it peacefully and we do it with our heads high,” says rally-goer, Rachel Heemstra.

Both men and women from across the state rallied together at the state’s Capitol for Lansing’s version of the Women’s March on Washington.

Not only to raise their voices, but to express their views on the Presidential Election.

According to Democratic candidate for Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, views that need to be heard.

“There are so many people who are worried about this new environment in Washington D.C., and so for us to come show support, give voice to our concerns and see how many other people share them is really encouraging,” says Whitmer.

And for many, today was more than just a rally, it was a sign of hope.

“Today brings a kind of fearlessness in the people that are here, and make positive change,” says rally-goer, Anthony Marcellini.

Those who came out today say they’re hoping this isn’t just a one day thing, but that it continues on into the future.

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