LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – This week is an important weekend for three different religions as they celebrate their holy traditions.

Not only is Friday Good Friday, but it’s also Passover and Ramadan.

It’s rare that these holiday fall on the same day. In fact, it hasn’t happened in thirty years.

“God always loves us. From beginning to end. And he never stops loving us and that’s what this celebration is all about this weekend,” said Bishop Earl Boyea at St. Mary Cathedral.

And although they all have different beliefs, they all revolve around similar themes of love and community.

“I think all of those are really celebrations of the love of God for us. If we would only listen to that, and believe that about one another, we could, with God’s grace, overcome so many of the difficulties and the trials that we face, and the divisions that we have,” said Bishop Boyea.

But besides Good Friday, the Islamic Community continues to take part in Ramadan.

Thasin Sardar, a trustee for the Islamic Center of East Lansing, says Ramadan is a time of sharing and giving back to the community.

“It’s a good reminder to all of us as humanity that we come from the same origins. We have to learn to coexist and live and support with each other,” said Sardar.

On Friday, MSU basketball player Mady Sissoko, who celebrates Ramadan, visited the Islamic Center.

He announced he’s donating money raised from the center to his home in Mali, Africa to build a school there.

“This is the blessed month. It comes once every year. Every single year, why not sacrifice and be the good person you can be?” said Sissoko

6 News did reach out to several local synagogues and Jewish community centers but have not heard back.