Time is running out to apply for a state license to grow or sell medical marijuana


February 15 is a big deadline for Michigan medical marijuana provisioning centers. Pot shop operators will need to turn in their state license application or suffer the consequences.

Spokesman for the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, David Harns says, if the deadline approaches and there isn’t any action, then the facility’s existence will become very complicated.

“If they have local approval already and are currently operating they need to have their application turned in by February 15, otherwise it will be considered an impediment to licensure.”

Businesses that grow, process, inspect and transport medical marijuana need to get their state license as well.

There are two steps in this process, first comes pre-qualification. LARA officials will look at the criminal and financial backgrounds of the applicants. Then, applicants will need find a local municipality that is willing to welcome them in.

There’s no limit for the number of state licenses that can be provided, but that’s not always the case at the local level.

“Whether that be a township, village, or city, they are the ones who set the limits, not the state,” says Harns.

Currently there are 189 applications complete for the first step and 43 applicants that have both steps complete.

State licenses will be considered for approval during the March or April board meetings.

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