LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With 22 days to go before the August 2nd primary, there is a front runner in the five-person Republican race for governor.

The latest data from pollster Steve Mitchell for the MIRS newsletter shows the lone woman in the race, Tudor Dixon, has 26% of the vote giving her an 11-point lead over everybody else, including Ryan Kelley at 15%, Kevin Rinke at 13%, as well as Garrett Soldano with the same number.

Approximately 33% of the voters remind undecided or will not vote, that’s down from 54% in the last survey.

Republican James Craig is in an uphill fight in his candidacy to become governor.

In an unusual twist, candidate Rinke called Craig last week and asked him to drop out of the race and endorse Rinke.

“These candidates, I’m just going to be candid, are lackluster. There’s nothing there. And I know that,” said Craig.