Tips for staying healthy during the holidays


LANSING, Mich (WLNS)-  Staying healthy for the holidays is always difficult, but there are some healthy holiday swaps that will help your diet by a lot. 

“It could be just one ingredient swapped and it’ll change your diet for the better when it comes to sugar and carbs,” said Registered Dietitian, Sarah Heinz at Sparrow Hospital. 

Some of the biggest things you should make sure your treats contain are fiber and protein. Both are going to make you stay fuller and help with your over all diet. 

“Making sure that you’re filling up on fiber and protein and different antioxidants, vitamins and minerals- that’ll just help you keep fuller longer, that means less calories,” said Heinz. 

Some of the major holiday favorites like cranberry pecan pie can be swapped out for pie bars that have higher fiber, and snickerdoodle cookies with blondes that have a better base.

“They’re full of lots of saturated fat, a lot of enriched flour products- replace the flour and sugar with chickpeas, that’s going to be the base of the blondies, making it healthier,” said Heinz. 

And while replacing this is important, everyone should always remember to maintain a consistent diet and never show up hungry to a table full of treats. 

“If you show up hungry because you haven’t had your regular meals for the day, you’re going to over eat and it’s not good for your body. Meal consistency is very important along with moderation,” said Heinz. 

As one year comes to a close and another to an open, your diet should remain consistent. If thoughts for the new year are making healthier lifestyle changes, it all starts in the kitchen. 

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