Tips on how to take care of your car in below zero temperatures


Negative temperatures can make it tough on your vechile, but experts say there are some tips to help take care of your car before you hit the road.

The owner of Bill and Charlie’s Automotive has been in the buisness for more than 40 years and says every winter they always have cars come in and out. From bent rims, busted windshield wipers to the most common problem, dead batteries.

“Everyone knows extreme cold can kill a battery and extreme warm weather can kill a battery too, so if you forget to have it checked in the summer, then come winter time, then you get a day like today, you’re battery is already weak from warm weather,” said Days.

He added though that he’s heard of some tricks that can help preserve it.

“Turn the key to the on position, then turn it off again, and then turn it back on the on position then start the car, that engergizes the fuel pump, and it even energizes the battery, it gets the electrons in the battery moving as well,” said Days.

Letting your car warm up for a few minutes is also vital to get your car engine warmed up.

Days added that it’s important to have your tires, fluids and engines checked throughout the winter so it doesn’t freeze up.

He also added that you should be scrapping your windows because if your windshield wipers scratch against the ice, it can damage them.

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