Tips on keeping energy costs down during hot summer days


JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – The dog days of summer are around the corner but, many have already had their AC on, which can be expensive. Now, people are looking for ways to cut costs on their energy bills. And, sometimes it’s the little things costing you big money.

Consumers Energy Efficiency Manager Emily McGraw said, “not being intentional about when you run your appliances. Even when just leaving the door open when the AC is on for several seconds when people are running in and out it adds up over time.”

Consumers Energy Public Information Director Brian Wheeler said, “the fundamental idea is that if you have cold air inside your house and keep the hot air outside of your in the summer time. So, installation is very important. If you have a gap around a window or a door you want to make sure that stays sealed to keep the cold air inside.”

Keeping your thermostat at the right temperature can make a big difference. Having one you can program will give you more freedom.

“When you’re not at home you can certainly set your temperature a few degrees higher. Even when you are at home a temperature set at 76 or 78 degrees can still be comfortable,” said Wheeler.

But, it’s not just about air conditioning. Using a fan may chop down your bill.

Wheeler said, “if you have a ceiling fan or a unit like this, this can be an inexpensive way to keep your costs down while at the same time staying cool.”

Experts say a few simple changes here and there can really add up.

“Depending on their house size and how efficient some of their appliances are, but our customers can save up to 20-percent off their bills each month,” said McGraw.

Meaning a family of three with $100 energy bill could save you up to $20 per month.

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