LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A familiar voice is back on the radio in mid-Michigan.

After several years off the air, Matt “Mojo” Hersch is once again behind the mic, with a new cohost, and even a new nickname.

And he’s not just back for one time slot, but two!

“Here doing mornings with my pal over there. Kristin Matthews, 100.7, WLTL,” said Hersch.

On WLTL he goes by MJ, at MMQ he’s Mojo.

He brings with him more than 23 years of broadcasting experience through different stations in the market.

But when the return to radio presented itself it took some serious thought.

“It was over six weeks to make a decision because I had to take time for once in my life and decide if this is the right thing for me and not just jump at the shiny new,” said Hersch.

He’s confident this “new” is right for himself and his family

And it comes with new coworkers

“I’m super excited about the team I get to work with here at town square media. My cohost has been amazing. She hasn’t hasn’t hated and started to hate me yet,” he said.

Learning new things and exploring the perks of two new genres of music.

“I love the interaction. I love being involved in the community, which I kept doing anyway, but this just gives me another platform to be more involved in the community,” said Hersch,

It was a special community of people that rallied around Matt the past few years after a mental health battle that nearly took his life.

He shared those personal details with all of mid-Michigan last year, and Mojo’s return to radio gives him a whole new megaphone to reach even more people.

“I’m eternally grateful for where I’m at in my life right now. And the fact that I can share this with my new friends, my family and, and listeners too. So, uh, a hold on. So as far as everything goes in my life, I am winning and it takes one day at a time to do that. So I’m winning today and I’ll get back up and try to do it again tomorrow,” said Hersch.