LANSING, MI (WLNS) – It’s a need that almost always goes unnoticed.

But one that two Lansing women hope to fill with a new non-profit.

6 News Kelsey Kiefer tells us how they’re helping homeless women in this week’s Tell Me Something Good.

Living on the streets is an unpredictable way of life. Never knowing where your next meal is coming from or if you’ll have a warm place to sleep. It’s a reality for many Americans. And it’s especially hard for women and young women.

“I think of homeless teenagers to have to worry about where you are going to get you supplies as well as everything else just breaks my heart,” said Lynse Tati, co-director, Helping Women. Period.

Not so much food and beverages, but feminine hygiene products.

“We just thought Helping Women. Period. was just exactly what we wanted to say.”

And that’s exactly what Amy Stephenson and Lynse Tait are doing. Helping women get the products they need when they need them through their organization.

“We could maybe just have a small breakfast, ask some friends and family to come, ask for a small donation and then we could go and purchase some products in bulk at a more cost effective rate and donate those to local shelters and homeless agencies,” said Amy Stephenson, director, Helping Women. Period.

Just like their ambition, support began to grow as well. And soon hundreds of women were commenting on their Facebook page for ways to help contribute.

And this week the organization hosted their biggest fundraiser yet. Another breakfast byt this one for the community who lined up with an appetite to help others.

The idea for Helping Women. Period. came from a Huffington Post article after learning feminine hygiene products often top the list of needs at shelters, but almost always go unnoticed.

“We’ve donated coats to shelters, we’ve donated soup, we’ve donated different things but we never thought of feminine hygiene products and a lot of people who are in shelters are of child bearing age and the items as most of us know are expensive.”

An article turned idea turned reality. Amy and Lynse hope what they’ve created will empower women everywhere and fill a need that has been long overdue.