TMSG: Kids Change Our World


LANSING, MI (WLNS) – These little feet are taking giant steps to help people in the greater Lansing community with pocket change.

Reporter: “What do you do with the change?”

“We give it to people,” said Manuel Torres, 1st grader.

Reporter: “Why?”

Torres: “Because we want to help people.”

Mrs. Katy Rios and her first grade class at Gier Park Elementary School are changing our world.

Rios told her class to vote for one charity. The class would fill up a bottle full of change and they would donate all the money in their bottle to that charity.

“I thought we were gonna vote for one charity, we had three that we were choosing from,” said Katy Rios, teacher, Gier Park Elementary.

But one good cause just wasn’t enough for these students.

“And little Malechi and Raymond said well, hey, can we do them all?”

So far the class has raised $96.23 for Ronald McDonald house, $95.84 for the City Rescue Mission and $96 for the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

“So I want you to know that this $96 will convert into 720 meals,” said Kim Shapiro, Greater Lansing Food Bank.

“All of these things, this good work that the community is doing, to help other people they totally relate to it and they want to make a difference they want to be part.”

Rios has a simple philosophy. If you want to be good at something, you have to practice.

“If it’s writing, reading or math or compassion or activism, whatever it is you need to practice it.”

At this rate, these 6 and 7 year olds are on track to be very good at helping others.

The class is in the process of filling a jar to donate to the Homeless Angels and then they’ll fill a jar for the Humane Society.

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