Today is the 47th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade decision



Today marks the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a case making abortion legal in the United States.

UPDATE: The topic of abortion was front and center at the State Capitol on Tuesday.

Pro-Life marches are happening all across the country this week, but January 22nd marks the 47th anniversary of the Roe Vs, Wade decision.

Which made abortion legal.

Pro-Life activist gathered outside the State Capitol, they say to keep unborn children safe.

“They are just as much children alive in the womb as they are outside of the womb.” said Karinna Mcgraw, March For Life Organizer.

People of all ages, lawmakers, activists and religious leaders gathered to show their support.

“It makes me feel inspired and really happy. Just excited to see important big people behind us.” Mcgraw added.

This wasn’t your normal march, it was a much a quieter one.

“We marched around to all the different buildings. We marched to the Senate building and then passed the governors office. At each place we were praying inside, silently, to ourselves praying for a change of heart especially for our governor.” said Mcgraw.

Today marks the 47th anniversary for Roe Vs. Wade decision making abortion legal.

Pro choice activists say they are still fighting for women’s reproductive rights.

“Its very disappointing to me that in 2020 were still talking about these issues and people are still trying to hold women back, because of their own personal beliefs. Rather than allowing women and their families to make the decision when and if they were to have children.” Said State Rep. Julie Brixie, (D)- Meridian Township.

“We know its under attack that anti abortion politicians will stop at nothing until abortion is absoutelty not allowed.” Said Amanda West, Director of Government Relations for Planned Parenthood.

Pro life activists think differently.

“I don’t think government should legislate and decide who lives and who dies.” said Tom O’Dea, Pro-Life Activist.

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