Toddler’s “light-up” shoes may have started car fire


HOUSTON, Texas (CBS) – The Harris County, Texas fire marshal is investigating a car fire that may have been sparked by a pair of kid’s shoes.

A mom in West Houston bought the “light-up shoes” for her toddler and now she wants to warn other parents of the potential danger.

Attila and Jovan Viras could still smell the stench, “As soon as we opened the door you could smell the burning plastic.”

They’re describing the aftereffects of a baffling car fire.

The fire burned a hold through the floor and the passenger seat melted.

Jovan called the fire marshal to take a closer look. She explains “there was nothing in there to start a fire.”

Except a toddler’s light-up shoe.

“It’s scary, that’s what it is.”

Although the fire marshal’s office hasn’t officially ruled on the cause of the fire it does say the light-up shoe is a possible cause.

That’s why this family is speaking out to warn other families.

Jovan says she’s relieved. “I’m just glad that my son wasn’t wearing it at the time. I don’t know he could have told me ‘my foot’s hot’. I don’t think he could have taken it off by himself.”

Her 2-1/2 year old son Warren can’t wear his favorite “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” sneakers anymore.

Half the shoe has been burned away and there’s nothing left but sizzled, charred battery and wiring.

Attila dissected the remaining shoe and discovered its lithium batteries that power the flashing lights. “I didn’t know there’s a battery in there that could be flammable if it’s shorted.”

Now these parents will be extra-careful about the shoes on their kid’s feet. “I don’t want this to happen to somebody else and we’re happy it happened in our car because that can be fixed.”

They plan to reach out to Payless were they bought the $25 shoe this week.

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