JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – With a smile and a helping hand Brenda Hughes is making a difference in Jackson.

“I never turn anybody away no matter what situation they may be facing or going through,” said Founder of Jackson Michigan Giving Back to the Community, Brenda Hughes.

Every month her team works to give back to the community. Words that sit atop her building. They hand out everything from personal items, clothing, and food.
For Hughes the mission is personal. She remembers struggling as a kid, but the strength her mom showed left an impact.

“I used to hear her crying but then she told me that she just had a cold as I got older I realized that she wanted to make sure that we never went hungry. So, I told her when I was nine hey mom I am going to make a difference.”

It’s a calling to give back that picked up during the pandemic, but today long lines show the need is still there. Working alongside Hughes is Britany Marica. She sees the impact this place is having up close.

“It changes how somebody feels when they get it they don’t have to feel like they are not good enough or they don’t have enough and they don’t have to stress or worry where it’s going to come from because they know that we are always here,” said Marcia.

The work here is being noticed. Hughes was recently given the community service award from the NAACP. It’s a recognition given out for going above and beyond.

“Doing the things that you didn’t think that you can do. And you here. So this award, this one got me,” said Hughes.

And like the promise she made to her mom Hughes knows this mission is one that will carry on.

“I make sure that I do my part and let them know that it will be ok. One day at a time.”

For ways to get involved, there is a link here.