50k-100k bees swarm Charlotte business


CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) — Thousands of bees were seen swarming outside of “Way Too Cheap” consignment store in downtown Charlotte.

“They were just everywhere I didn’t know if I should just shut the store down or what to do but eventually they calmed down and as you see right now, they’re all pretty calm, they all went inside,” said owner of Way Too Cheap, Ronald Holifield.

Holifield said this isn’t the first encounter they’ve had with bees at his store, but it’s certainly the worst.

“They’ve been there for a few years, the building has been empty for about 5 or 6 years and we bought up and started fixing it back up and there’s the bees,” said Holifield.

The bees could be seen swarming outside of the business on Tuesday, but barely were seen outside Wednesday. That’s because Nate Wilson, a local beekeeper says they were already inside the building getting to work.

Thousands of bees seen outside “Way Too Cheap”

The thousands of bees isn’t a total buzz kill though.

“Probably a couple of hundred pounds of honey in there, it looks like some of it’s from last year, could be from previous years, there is some crystallized honey in there, but honey never goes bad so it’s still good to eat,” said Wilson.

Wilson says he plans to bottle it, but still needs to get the honey makers out of the building.

“Hopefully you find the queen, you get the queen into a box, all the bees will go and then I’ll get a vacuum and vacuum them up to try and get them to another hive and then take them home,” said Wilson.

Home as in Wilson’s bee yard at his house outside of town.

“Honey bees are a great resource and out of all the pollinators they’re probably the most gentle but people don’t realize because it’s a lot of bees but we just need them, we need more,” said Wilson.

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