Tradition, friendship and speed: fans pack MIS for big race


BROOKLYN, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s race day here at Michigan International Speedway and that means thousands of fans are jamming the stands and many say it’s all about the tradition.

“The excitement, and the speed,” said Jeff Mercer from White Pigeon, MI.

“I like the speed, I like the noise, you know the people (laughs),” Jeff Smith from Jarvis, Ontario stated.

Needless to say, those who headed to MIS on Sunday have a need for speed and for many, this weekend isn’t just about the race, it’s an excuse to bring out the trailers, kick back, relax and meet up with family and friends.

“We’ve got a friend from Ohio, friends from Michigan and we come out,” said Donna Coale from Darlington, Maryland.

“We all get together and we party, we just party,” Ronald Chapman from Muskegon stated.

A local campground around the corner from MIS was filled with campers. Some say they’ve grown up watching Nascar and every year they look forward to the thrill of cars zooming by.

“You put a hundred thousand people together, everyone gets along it doesn’t matter, it’s loud, you can smell the race gas burning and it’s just awesome,” said Keith Foote from Toledo, Ohio.

Whether you like Nascar or just the event itself, the fans 6 News spoke to say this annual tradition offers a crowd favorite for everyone.

“The drivers, just everything about racing,” said Mercer.

“It’s mostly the people, the people are just fun,” Coale stated.

“To see if my driver is going to win or not which is Brad Keselowski,” said Chapman.

“When you see those cars going by at like 200 miles per hour and they’re literally this far apart from one another,” Smith stated.

While it’s a matter of winning or losing for the racers, these fans say it’s all about the experience.

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