LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Friday is national Transgender Day of Visibility, and dozens of transgender individuals came to the state Capitol to rally for their rights.

“Even though it’s raining, we are transgender and exist no matter what,” said rally organizer Cameron Carmichael.

Michigan State University students organized the rally as part of a nationwide event.

“There are violent assaults against trans people every day in this country, and the legislation is really scary,” said activist Kallie Pasch. “Trans kids deserve our protection at all costs. Gender-affirming care for children is absolutely suicide prevention, and is really important for saving lives.”

Kassandra Harding also attended the rally. Harding is a 56-year-old transgender woman who transitioned six years ago.

She says she knew she wanted to be female at the age of 4.

“We are born this way. I couldn’t tell my parents about that I felt different,” recounted Harding. “We didn’t have access to the internet back then, like in the ’70s.”

Kassandra says she’s been married five times, and cross-dressed her whole life. She said it wasn’t until she was 50 years old that she was outed by a co-worker.

“They were all laughing and everything, so the next day at work, I showed up full Kassandra,” she said.

For Kassandra and the others, the goal was simple.

“It is only by being seen and being heard we are able to live,” said Kassandra.