LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — 6 News has been following the story of two women who told us they paid a man to trim their trees, but he never showed.

On Thursday, owner of J&L Tree Service JD Gibson is speaking out hoping to explain. 

“My lift is still broke and I have even tried renting one and I can’t rent one anywhere,” said Gibson. “It takes time to get things done and I’ve had to push a lot of people off because of employees don’t want to work or you know, they screw stuff up and I have to fire them and it was never my intention to screw anybody.”

Gibson responded on Thursday after multiple women have come forward with complaints about his company dating back as far February.

“He just hasn’t answered or responded at all. He’s just completely ghosted me,” said Dymon Wilson who claims she lost $600.

Gibson says that his lift was broken and that he “forgot about her.”

With weeks and even months gone by, at this point most just want their money back.

“I don’t even want him to do the work I just want my 1300 dollars,” said Shontia Robinson, who claims she lost $1,300.

Gibson says he’s having a hard time finding equipment because of competition in the business, but Gibson tells 6 News he plans to give everyone a call, and if they want their money back he will give it to them.

“No problem. No if and or buts about it,” said Gibson. “Or if they want the job done.”

Gibson says he has a message for anyone who feels misled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to try and screw you in any way or try to make you upset and you know I plan on making it right 100 percent because I don’t want any bad blood with anybody you know and I just feel really bad that it went this far,” said Gibson.

The women have said they have not heard from Gibson. We will continue to update this story.