Trump doubts Russian connection in alleged cyber-attack


WASHINGTON (WLNS) – U.S. experts believe hackers launched cyber-attacks prior to and during the 2016 presidential election.

Last week U.S. intelligence agencies reported that it was likely that Russia did launch cyber-attacks trying to influence the U.S. election.

CBS News has learned the attack may have been more extensive than originally thought.

Over the weekend, investigators announced they found malicious code on a laptop and the election system in Vermont may have been infiltrated.

Trump and his transition team say claims of a cyber- attack are serious and the president-elect wants a thorough investigation.

CBS News analysts say it’s unclear where Mr. Trump or his national security team is getting their classified information.

All U.S. intelligence agencies are in agreement that the Russian government orchestrated aggressive cyber-attacks prior to and during the U.S. election with the support of Vladimir Putin.

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