LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)- The last time Donald Trump ran for president he was still extremely popular here, but new Michigan polling data reveals that popularity has decreased and one pollster concludes Donald Trump should be worried.

Even though President Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden in Michigan, he managed to grow his support here by an impressive 200,000 votes.

Michigan pollster Bernie Porn has data that suggests he is losing votes here now.

In the past everything north of Clare Michigan has been solid Trump country, but his popularity has dwindled.

  • Bay Region:  39% approval, 50% disapproval.
  • West Mich: 37% approval, 51% disapproval.
  • Central Mich: 39% approval, 54% disapproval.
  • Detroit: 22% approval, 78% disapproval.

It is true that 35% of Republicans here still want him to run for president but that also means 65% do not. 

If there is a rematch between the president and Trump, Biden wins in Michigan by seven points. Trump will have GOP challengers this time, and he’s not doing well on that front either.

“Trump is cratering even more among Republicans. In one poll it’s a 20 points lead with DeSantis over Trump,” said Porn.

In previous elections, Trump had a lock on voters with a high school education or less but now only 35% of those voters give him a positive favorability rating.

Trump always got more men than women to support him, but now only 39% of men think favorably about him.

“I’m not sure Trump can recover. Don’t forget, his favorability rating. Donald Trump dropped by ten points and its up to 58% unfavorably ratings,” said Porn.

To be sure, Trump gets good marks from Michigan Republicans in general, but if the data is correct, much of the rest of the voting public does not view him that way here. His highest support at 48% comes from men with children and every other voting segment is under 50%.