Trump sweeps through Grand Rapids & Novi


NOVI, Mich (WLNS) – It was quite an eventful night as Donald Trump took the stage in Novi, bringing in thousands of supporters.

His plans for Michigan and the country excited the crowd, and as you might expect, Trump was not shy about sharing his opinions on Hillary Clinton.

The Republican presidential candidate told the excited crowd “When it comes to Clinton, remember these words..follow the money!”

From attacking Clinton on her email scandal, to bringing up the past “when Hillary Clinton slams you as deplorable and irredeemable”, Donald Trump did not hold back his thoughts.

Before making his arrival in Novi Trump made an unexpected stop in Grand Rapids where he toured the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

As for his plans for Michigan? Trump has a few things in mind. “I’ll bring back your education, which is a total disaster in the inner cities and I’m going to bring back safe neighborhoods.”

Trump filled the room with excitement, leaving people optimistic for the country’s future.

“Anytime you’re sick what are you gotta do, you gotta take some medicine,” said Trump supporter Jon Heywood. “Sometimes it doesn’t taste so good but when you’re all done things are much better and we have a sick country and he’s gonna make it all better again.”

Trump supporter Amy Duchesneau echoed that feeling. “America is what Trump needs, I’m sorry to say, for the young I got 3 children here, they need Trump. We’re not going to have a future, we’re not going to have America.”

And the candidate left the room with his familiar rallying cry “We will make America great again, thank you.”

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