LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Brenda Tracy, the woman who has accused MSU Football Coach Mel Tucker of sexual harassment, says she was working with USA Today to report her story when the process at MSU was done.

“I voluntarily shared documents with USA Today so that my story could be written and published after the conclusion of the school process, but also just in case my name leaked — which it did,” she wrote.

USA Today’s publication of the story early Sunday morning left MSU administration officials off guard. By late Sunday afternoon, the university suspended Tucker without pay. Officials acknowledge they were not privy to the details of the allegations — which include a claim Tucker masturbated during a phone call with Tracy. Tucker has admitted the phone incident occurred but has claimed it was consensual. Tracy maintains it was not.

Although originally reported the investigation was being conducted under a federal civil rights law in education regarding gender discrimination — Title IX — 6 News has confirmed the investigation was conducted into a possible violation of the MSU Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct policy. That policy is much broader than the regulations governing the federal civil rights law.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Tracy followed up on a statement released earlier Tuesday by her attorney Karen Truszkowski. The attorney alleges Tracy’s identity was released to the media without her consent.

She says she’s “angry that my right to confidentiality has been violated.”

She’s calling for those responsible for releasing her name to the media to “be held accountable.”