EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan State’s football coach Mel Tucker is always looking for new ways to make official visits as personal as possible for recruits when they come to East Lansing every June and this year, he’s taking it to a whole new level.

Let us introduce you to Tucker’s new Polaris Slingshot. It’s a three-wheeled motorcycle that only sits two people and it plays music which he says is a huge hit with the recruits.

All June Tucker and his staff will be hosting recruits from all over the country and what better way to zip them around campus for a tour than in the Slingshot? Oh, and since they love how it plays music, he always likes to ask them what type of music they want to listen to before the tour begins.

The tour itself starts at the Duffy Daugherty Football building and one of the very first stops he makes is by is the iconic Sparty Statue.

“I talk to them about how we take the bus from the hotel on game days, walk to the stadium and walk by Sparty.” said Tucker.

From the Sparty Statue Tucker then likes to take recruits down Grand River Avenue, where all the restaurants and shops are on campus because in June there are a lot of people out and about walking along the street.

Many of them wave to Tucker.

Some shout, ‘Go Green!’ while others say, ‘Coach Tuck!’

It’s a lot more fun to ride around campus in than a golf cart.

“They get one-on-one time with me and get a chance to see that I’m a pretty personable guy,” said Tucker. “You want to capture their mind and get their attention. So, if I can take them on a tour and zip them around in this one-on-one, I have their attention and once I have their attention, we can take them under the hood and behind the scenes and let them know what’s really going on.”

After riding up and down Grand River the last leg of the tour is to Spartan Stadium, or as Tucker refers to it ‘The Woodshed.’

The Slingshot is quite the attention getter, but ultimately when it comes down to it, it’s not the flare that matters, but the time Tucker puts in.

“At the end of the visit when they’re sitting in my office during the exit meeting, they’re looking at me like, ‘This is too nice,'” said Tucker.

Tucker also mentioned how the recruits and their families often comment on how nice everyone is, how informative people are, the authenticity of the coaching staff as well as how approachable everyone is within the program.

Personalizing the visit and making recruits feel at home is one reason why Tucker and his staff were able to sign their second-straight top 25 recruiting class this past February and the Class of 2023 included the most four-star recruits MSU has signed since 2016.