Two churches work to “bridge the racial divide”


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With Sunday morning commonly being known as the most segregated hour in America, two mid-Michigan churches came together today to bridge the racial divide.

A predominantly black church in Lansing and predominantly white church in Holt came together this morning for their first joint service.

They say while they are strong apart, they’re even stronger together.

“Most would agree that Sunday morning is the most segregated time in America, and we’re attempting to change that, and to come to know each other a little better and to learn about each other’s cultures,” said Pastor Samuel Duncan Jr. of the Lansing Church of God and Christ.

Two church families under one roof.
“It had to start somewhere, and we brought together total strangers,” said Pastor Kirk Miller of the First Presbyterian Church of Holt.

With one goal in mind.

“We’ll find that we have more in common that we have in differences,” said Duncan Jr.

It didn’t start here. 

The two churches have been working together and praying together for almost a year now, doing art projects together to learn each others’ similarities and differences.

Steve Prince, a visual artist and the brains behind the project, says it wasn’t easy.

“It was so important that these two churches committed to this act, and like I said, even though it may be hard, it was hard on me, physically, spiritually, all those things demanding, but we just have to keep pushing, and that’s how communities build,” said Prince.

Now they’re rejoicing the fact that they each have a new community to call home.

“Even though we may differ in culture, skin color, and other things that we can still find common ground that we can love each other, celebrate each other, work together, to make our city, our community a much better place,” said Duncan Jr.

“We need to honor our differences that we have with one another, but then we need to celebrate them so that we can recognize that we are truly better together,” said Miller.

Even though today’s service is over, the work doesn’t stop here. Both churches plan to keep collaborating far into the future.

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