Two Lansing men are in custody facing human trafficking charges


Two men are behind bars today after being arrested for charges including human trafficking.

The two Lansing men are 34 year old Alexander Murray and 39 year old Kevin Nemeth.

Battle Creek police were called out to a domestic assault call at a Quality Inn. Sgt. Jeff Case said when they police showed up they knew it was more than just a domestic case.

The police worked with Homeland Security Investigations to arrest  Murray and also saved two victims.

Even though the two suspects are in custody, the investigation is still ongoing.

“You just never know how big these cases kind of are, so I think we’re going to keep interviewing and communitcating and looking and keep investigating and I think we’ll stop when we’re ready to stop but we’re not there yet,” said Sgt. Case.

Herion and cocaine are beileved to be a factor in the case, and that the drugs were provided to the victims. He added that finding the right resources for the victims is important.

“We can go out and arrest people all we want, but if we never fix the problem then we’ll be right back to where we are, so our goal is to really take these victims and help get them out of this environment so they don’t end up back there again,” said Sgt. Case.

Battle Creek Police and Homeland Security Investigations weren’t the only ones involved in the case. Michigan State Police Fugitive Team, Lansing Police and Ingham County Sheriff’s office also played a role.

“We used our connections, we reached out to Lansing and all those agencies around Lansing were great to us, so we went down there and continued that investigation and ultimately we have both people in custody currently,” said Sgt. Case.

If you or someone you know is in a human trafficking situation and needs help, you can call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at (888) 373-3888.

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