EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Spartan Nation is helping mid-Michigan to go green — thanks to two new fast-charging electric vehicle stations near MSU’s campus.

Judd Herzer, MSU Mobility Director said he’s very proud of the work they’re doing at MSU to support the transition to electrification.

Herzer said these charging stations will help the university’s goal of decreasing emission footprints, becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and supporting the state in its effort to deploy EV-charging stations across the state and even the entire country.

“In addition to the electric vehicle work, and the battery work, that we’re doing – we’re also supporting the state and the utilities in their effort to deploy changing stations in optimal ways across the state, across the Midwest, and across the country,” Judd Herzer said.

The two new direct current, fast-charging EV stations are located at the CATA Multimodal Gateway, cost $4 per hour, and can recharge any compatible EV vehicle in under an hour.

The location of the fast-charging EV stations was chosen using research by Dr. Mehrnaz Ghamami, an associate professor in MSU’s College of Engineering

“So, this felt like science fiction at the time, but right now it’s a reality so right now it feels really good to actually see them in place and the working,” Dr. Mehrnaz Ghamami said.

This work is just now speeding up and will also involve electrifying MSU’s entire fleet of 370 vehicles — and deploying charging stations all across campus to support that effort.

Ghamami said more research will be done, by collecting feedback that can be sent through the QR code on the charging stations.