Two of three ‘murder for hire’ defendants testify


JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – Today, the prosecution attempted to link Clifford McKee to the alleged hit man in the death of Francis Craig — Cortez Butler — investigators have said Craig was not the intended victim in the case that stems back to an Arson charge against McKee and a supposed witness to that fire that McKee wanted killed.

Clifford McKee was confronted by Assistant Prosecutor Kati Rezmierski over the texts sent between his phone and Butler’s. McKee denies any knowledge of the events that unfolded.

“People send me the texts to let me know where they’re hiring at because a lot of friends and family are trying to get me jobs and different opportunities, stuff like that.  And, I just pass along the information,” said McKee.

Rezmierski asked, “so, you’re just a middle man?”

McKee replied, “with the..yes m’am.”

Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Andrew Sullivan faced a rebuttal over the meeting he had with Butler. Sullivan describes the conversation that took place with Butler. Butler labeled himself a “hired gun” prior to Craig’s death.

“He basically called himself a “hired gun.” Drug dealers would hire him to go into other drug houses and rob them of their drugs and money,” said Det. Sullivan.

Those comments would later cause defense attorneys to ask for another mistrial arguing it has nothing to do with the current trial. That motion was denied by Judge Thomas Wilson. Rodney McKee declined to testify. Closing arguments are to begin tomorrow.

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