Two sets of triplets graduate from Bath High School

It’s officially graduation season.

A time when students across the country are making the transition from high school to college.

And while it’s an exciting time, many reflect on the hard work it took to get there.

They say, there’s power in numbers and for the 2-sets of siblings you’re about to meet going through school together has always been a triple threat.

Meet Katelyn, Cole, and Chase Trevino.

They’re not you’re ordinary siblings, they’re triplets, and today, was their high school graduation.

“I’m really excited just that we’re done and we made it through, but I’m also a little sad because I’m going to miss everyone here,” says Katelyn Trevino.

Although they each have different personalities, they have a lot of the same interests. All three participated in high school sports and played in the band.

“When you needed help, they were always there because they had the same classes as you and they had the same materials,” says Cole Trevino.

Not only do they have skills in sports and music, but they also have the brains.

They’re finishing this school year with another mutual accomplishment. Accepting their diplomas as three of Bath High School’s four co-valedictorians.

Though this set of triplets may have graduated with a 4.0, they’re not the only set of three to walk across Bath High School’s stage.

Meet Annie, Audrey, and Ben Opphile.

They’re the same age, same class, and grew up living just a few doors down from the Trevino’s.

Ben describes what it’s like going to school with siblings, let alone another set of twins.

“They, don’t tell them this but they help me with homework a lot and don’t tell the teachers that either,” says Ben Opphile.

Both sets of triplets say, it will be hard going from seeing each other in the halls and at home to seeing each other once and a while during holiday’s and other family events as they make the transition to college.

The Trevino triplets are headed to Central Michigan. Annie and Ben are gearing up for their first semester at Ferris State University, while Audrey pursues her dreams at a dance academy.

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