LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Kia car thefts continue in mid-Michigan.

Most recently with two stolen this week — both ending in crashes. One of those crashes happened in a family’s front yard, just a few feet away from their home.

The first crash happened Wednesday night on Cedar Street near Adams Street.

  • The aftermath of a stolen Kia being crashed into a neighborhood home.
  • The aftermath of a stolen Kia being crashed into a neighborhood home.
  • The aftermath of a stolen Kia being crashed into a neighborhood home.

Police say the Kia was stolen in DeWitt Township. Officers there chased the car into Lansing, where it crashed in the front yards of some homes.

The people 6 News interviewed say they were just going to bed when it happened.

“Next thing you freaking know, bam,” said Casey Erickson.

Erickson is literally picking up the pieces today. She says the stolen Kia ripped the porch off of one home then crashed into a car in her driveway.

“If he went any further this way, he would have went straight into my nephew’s room. My nephew would have been instantly killed, instantly,” Erickson said.

Now Erickson has to rebuild.

“All I know at this point, we’re just waiting. We already did insurance claims, so right now it’s just a day-by-day thing,” Erickson said.

The crash woke the whole neighborhood up, and Kirstie had to go out an investigate.

“We all watched and it was all night long — just cops and all kinds of equipment to pull the car out. And a lot of angry neighbors, so it was pretty bad,” she said.

She says crashes are common on Cedar Street.

“I live on a very short block and there’s a lot of activity. I mean there’s accidents down here, people racing up and down Cedar all the time almost every night. You can hear them racing from that light down to this one. So I’m not surprised that there’s a lot of accidents,” Kirstie said.

And just this morning, another Kia was stolen — this one in Lansing.

The Lansing Police Department says the 2016 Kia crashed into a tree on the corner of Berwick Drive and Holmes Road.

The driver ran from the scene, and so far there have been no arrests.

People in the neighborhood say, “enough is enough.”

“No respect for property, or people, or their own lives and safety,” Kirstie said.