U.S. Senators Peters and Stabenow react to supreme court nominee


U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters reacted to President Trump’s supreme court nominee on Tuesday, and both expressed concern over the selection of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. They didn’t go as far as saying they’re 100% against the U.S. Supreme court nominee, but both made it clear they’re worried about this conservative choice.

Senator Peters says historically, supreme court picks have enjoyed bi-partisan support because they didn’t lean too far to one side of the aisle, but that may not be the case this time.

“Traditionally,” says Peters, “Supreme court justices receive well over 60 votes, folks who are going to try and rule from the center, which is what we should expect from our court, but it looks as if his background is not there, it’s very far to the right.”

Senator Stabenow agrees, releasing a statement about President Trump’s choice, saying in part:

“I’m concerned by Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record and that he would roll back women’s access to reproductive health care, make it harder for Michigan families to get affordable health coverage, particularly if they have a preexisting condition, and weaken enforcement of our environmental laws, like our clean water laws that protect our Great Lakes.”

These are potential problems Senator Peters points out as well.

“These are significant issues,” says Peters, “and I worry this is going to have potentially, a very negative impact on everyday citizens, and have that impact for decades to come.”

Both Senator Peters and Stabenow say they will review Judge Kavanaugh more thoroughly and get a better sense of who he is before making any formal comments or a decision.

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