LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — UAW members were also on the picket lines in Lansing today. They had their thoughts about the strike entering its second week and President Joe Biden’s visit to Michigan.

It’s day 11 for the strike against the Big Three and while some members believe Biden’s visit is important others say politics needs to be left out.

“Prices are rising up around us, and our pay is just staying stagnant,” said UAW member Damon Rudolph.

With no deal on the table, UAW strikers in Lansing say they will stand their ground and do their part on picket lines as negotiations for better pay, benefits, and work conditions from the Big Three continues.

“We’re just really pretty much basically asking for what gave up back. Our president is more militant than any other president since I’ve been in the union. And he’s more no nonsense and sticking to his guns more,” said union member Joshua Webb.

Other members say, “Why bring politics into it?”

Rudolph has been a member for the last six years; he believes the strike should remain about the workers who need more.

“This is between the UAW and the corporations, and just securing a good contract. Biden. Everything he’s had his hands in it’s all failed. We’ll take all support from anybody. Election year is just around the corner, and maybe it’s a way to gain some more votes,” Rudolph said.

Webb said it is a great gesture.

“I feel like today, he would pretty much be making it clear that he’s gonna be standing with the workers,” Webb said.

Rudolph thinks the union’s support is all they need.

“Like I said this is between the UAW and the corporation and I’ll leave it at that,” Rudolph said.