Union votes impact Presidential election


(WLNS) – Voters opinions on guns, immigration and terrorism are just some issues that divide votes between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but labor unions aren’t often looked at as a pivotal role.

In Michigan, those votes and the backing has a stronger impact on the swing state’s Presidential selection than many might know.

Labor Unions are not as prevalent as they were in the 1950s, but in Michigan they still can tip the scale in major way.

President Bill Clinton looking for union votes in Detroit is barely necessary for Hillary’s campaign.

“In general, they will tend to support democrats,” Retired Michigan State University Labor and Industrial Relations Professor Richard Block said.

Block says, labor unions have been known to verbally and financially back the democratic party, but they don’t stop there.

“Union members tend to vote the way their leaders recommend,” Block said.

According to Bernie Porn with Epic MRA, close to 1 in 4 voters in the state are union workers, which can have a significant impact on the Presidential election.

“It has been declining in recent years but it is still a very important part of the base of the democratic vote that Hillary Clinton needs to get out,” Porn said.

Although unionized worker numbers have fallen over the past few decades, the votes are more significant in the Great Lakes state.

“One of the more high unionized states in the country,” Block said.

In Michigan, the high numbers come from one of the state’s main economic draws.

“Primarily because of the auto industry, but not solely because of the auto industry,” Block said.

Because Clinton already has more than 60% of the union workers votes according to an Epic MRA poll, Porn believes with his current strategies, Donald Trump won’t have a chance to scratch the surface of what the Clintons have already covered in the labor union votes.

“I would be very surprised if Donald Trump were able to appeal to those voters,” Porn said.

Another way Clinton has appealed to union workers is by coming out against the Trans Pacific Partnership, which union workers do not support.

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