University of Michigan offers free tuition program, what you need to know to qualify

As a student, getting into college is tough, and on top of that, figuring out how to afford it, can be even harder.

But now, the University of Michigan is saying enough is enough, and offering families in the state the chance to send their child to college tuition free.

It’s called the “Go Blue Guarantee” and will be available at U of M for any in-state student whose family earns $65,000 a year or less.

“I almost think that it’s going to have more motivation for the lower grades, ya know elementary schools and middle school kids,” says Counselor at Dewitt High School, Jay Miller.

Miller says for families struggling to keep up with the high costs of tuition, the “Go Blue Guarantee” will help turn that large number into a small problem.

“It puts down the barrier of money that’s not a requirement necessarily,” says Miller.

Officials from the University say, the “Go Blue Guarantee” will offer four years of free tuition to current or future students whose household income is $65,000 a year or less.

A new program the University’s Board of Regents hope will create a more accessible education for Michigan families.

“We want students from Lansing to Grand Rapids to Detroit to Traverse City, to know that if they work hard, they can attend this University irrespective of their household income,” says Chair of the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents.

Bernstein says, the “Go Blue Guarantee” could save an in-state student $60,000 over four years.

Although it sounds like a good plan, Miller says, with how selective large Universities are, students who qualify shouldn’t put all of their eggs in one basket.

“I think last year the numbers, 50-some thousand students apply for 7-thousand freshman seats so you can see the ratio there when you have that kind of selective processing of course will always take the top students.,” says Miller.

6-News reached out to the Board of Trustee’s at Michigan State University to find out if they would be interested in offering students a program like this. One responded applauding the “Go Blue Guarantee” saying it’s similar to MSU’s “Spartan Advantage Program.”

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