LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The University of Olivet has extended its direct enrollment program to include the Lansing School District.

The program, Olivet Direct, makes admissions faster and easier for qualified students.

It allows students to lock in their acceptance and financial aid awards without requiring the traditional admissions process.

The university announced the expansion Friday at Lansing’s Eastern High School. “We are thrilled to make the college admissions process easier and more affordable to the largest school district in the Greater Lansing area,” said University of Olivet President Steven Corey. “The University of Olivet and the Lansing School District share a strong bond through many educational programs and now these students will be able to avoid the lengthy and often confusing admissions process and focus on successfully finishing their senior year.”

The university began the program in December 2022 and has partnered with more than a dozen Michigan school districts.

You can read more about Olivet Direct here.