LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing’s top cop said police and other emergency employees are dealing with unsafe and unsanitary working conditions inside some facilities.

The chief hopes this midterm election will be the key to finally getting things cleaned up.

“Now is the time because things are only going to get worse,” Chief Ellery Sosebee said.

“This is why we have infestations and mice and everything else issues. This is where the entire building keeps their trash then the city comes and picks it up. Not necessarily the most sanitary and the most healthy for individuals that come in and out of these doors which are six feet away every day,” Chief Sosebee said.

The Chief said that for years the department has struggled to get these issues resolved and that he hopes a $175 million public safety proposal will help get the job done.

“This is my third effort since I’ve been at the Lansing Police Department to try and get us into a new facility, I’ve been apart of two others. We’ve been trying to do this for about a decade now and this is the furthest that we’ve gotten so far,” Chief Sosebee said.

The tax proposal known as the Safer Lansing Initiative would levy $3.9 million for a maximum of 30 years to pay for the construction of new facilities and the renovation of others.

The chief said he’s counting on voters to get this proposal passed on Tuesday.
“We really need to get out of these inundated buildings and get into something more efficient, more conducive to the emerging technology that we use in law enforcement and to really focus on the safety of our employees,” he said.

If passed, the Safe Lansing Initiative would fund the construction of a new combined safety facility that would include the police department, its lockup facility for short-term prisoners, the 54-A District Court, and fire station No. 9.