UPDATE: Blustery winds cause trash to blow


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On days like today with blustery winds, it’s not entirely easy for Robert John Rubie, RJ for short to do his job as quickly as he’d like.

“It’s a nightmare…carts are drifting all over the road, falling all over the place,” said RJ.

For more than seven years, RJ has been a garbage man for Granger Trash Pickup & Recycling.

He says when winds are overpowering, garbage cans get tipped over and trash lies all over the road adding nearly an hour and a half to his shift.

“There’s been several times today after I’ve dumped a cart that as soon as I took off, the cart drifted across the road and I’d have to get out, grab the cart and try moving it up into the yard a little bit more for the customer,” RJ stated.

But according to Granger’s Community Relations Coordinator Breina Pugh, there are a few suggestions homeowners can do to help prevent trash from blowing around…not to mention making things easier for Granger’s garbage employees.

“If you have loose, light weight items like kitty litter, styrofoam those types of things we ask you to bag those or making sure that you have your lid shut all the way on your curby cart,” said Pugh.

RJ agrees. He says if people bag their trash, it saves him a lot of time.

But most importantly, he urges customers to be patient with these weather conditions.

“Your trash might be delayed but we will get to you,” RJ stated.

If he doesn’t get blown away first…

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With the strong, blustery winds…you might want to hang on to your belongings when you walk outside.

And according to Granger Michigan Trash Pickup & Recycling…that includes buckling down your garbage cans as well.

On days like today when there is severe weather such as high winds, it takes garbage men a tad longer to pick up residents garbage…but Granger assures they will get to everyone as soon as possible and wants to remind everyone to stay patient.

Coming up tonight on 6 News at 5, you’ll hear from a Granger garbage man on how he handles days like today and what he suggests residents do if bringing their trash to the curb today.

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