UPDATE: Bringing environmental oversight back to Michigan

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UPDATE: State Rep. Laurie Pohutsky held a news conference introducing legislation to restore the state’s ability to issue stricter rules or guidelines than federal standards.

“Michigan families are not interested in waiting for bureaucrats in Washington to make decisions — especially when communities throughout our state can’t even trust that the water coming from their faucets is safe,” said Pohutsky. “Michigan is facing unique challenges that cannot be solved by ‘one-size-fits-all’ federal policies. No one knows the Great Lakes state better than the people that live and work here; we need to have the authority to decide for ourselves what must be done to keep our communities safe.”

Pohutsky’s House Bill 4386 would repeal the so called “no stricter than federal” law, which passed during the final few days of the lame duck during the 2017-18 term.

“Treating Michigan like any other state ignores the unique challenges we face and prevents us from tackling our most serious environmental threats,” said state Rep. Donna Lasinski. “Michigan communities are already working on the ground to prevent further chemical contamination. It is up to us to ensure they have the regulations and tools they need. These are Michigan families, they deserve Michigan solutions.”

ORIGINAL STORY: State Rep. Laurie Pohutsky and Donna Lasinski along with a number of key environmental stakeholder groups are holding a news conference to call for a repeal of the lame-duck law prohibiting Michigan’s administrative agencies from issuing rules or guidelines more stringent than the relevant federal standard.

The news conference is happening now at the House Democratic Press Room and among state representatives will be Sierra Club’s Thomas Gilpin, Nicholas Occhipinti from the League of Conservation Voters, and Sean McBrearty of Clean Water Action.

This story will be updated with more details as information becomes available.

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