UPDATE: City Could Charge Fee for Feeding the Homeless at a Park but Waives it for Non-Profits


Since 2017, Punks with Lunch has been serving food to the homeless at Ruetter Park in Lansing. On Thursday they received an email for the Lansing Parks and Recreation Office requiring them to get a park permit. 

Homeless Angels and Cardboard Prophets also feed the homeless at local parks. They both received similar notices a few years ago. 

“Yes we did receive notice that a park permit would be needed, yes the application does say its $200” said Tim Baise, founder of Homeless Angels.

But the Brett Kaschinske the Director of Parks and Recreation, says there is no fee.

“A fee was never discussed, $200 was never discussed”.

The email to Punks and Lunch did not give a specific dollar amount, but it did mention a park permit. According to the Lansing City website a special events permit ranging from $100-$800.

Both Homeless Angels and Cardboard Prophets got the fee waived because they are a certified 501c3. Kaschinske says he believes the same could happen for Punks with Lunch. However, the group still has to fill out an application detailing when they will be at the park. If they are serving food, the city needs to know that it meets its health code.

The founders of Punks and Lunch received the application today, and they are glad to see there is no fee attached.

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