UPDATE: Lansing City Hall Redevelopment Project placed on hold


UPDATE (3:40 p.m.) – Lansing Mayor Andy Schor is putting a halt to the City Hall project while the city figures out where to relocate the courts and the city jail. 

Schor says he wants it to be a county-wide effort.

“We are going to engage with the county, with East Lansing, with other communities, with judges and others to see if there is an opportunity to consolidate the three courts here in Ingham County,” Schor said. 

Consolidating the courts would mean taking 54th District Court A in Lansing, 54th District Court B in East Lansing, and 55th District Court in Mason and putting them all in one place. 

It’s an idea that Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth says has its merits. 

“It just makes sense that it’s going to take less people to staff those courts,” Sheriff Wriggelsworth said. “It’s going to cause the sheriff’s office less transports back and forth if it’s centrally located.”

However, Wriggelsworth added that there’s still a lot to figure out before that plan becomes a reality. 

“What all it would look like, who all it’s going to involve, where it’s going to be, how big, how much it’s going to take to staff, and how do we pay for it?” Wriggelsworth said. “Those are all the questions that are on the table and you don’t have answers next week to those big questions.” 

At this point, Mayor Schor said there is no timeline for when the project might start back up. 

However, he said he’s going to start talking to officials with the county and in East Lansing in the days ahead, to get things moving on a solution. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Mayor Andy Schor and his team have decided to pause plans of moving forward with the City Hall project until all of the important pieces have been finalized.

Fixing the current City Hall would cost upwards of $55 million, not including the courts or lock-up.

In a press release from Mayor Andy Shor, he says that utilizing these funds to move to a more functional building while also having a new hotel in the downtown is a win-win for the City of Lansing.

Schor said, “Lansing’s time is now, and we must ensure that we get this right for our future. As such, we will slow down the process so we can investigate all appropriate options for the courts, lock-up, old City Hall, and new City Hall.”

The City is planning initial meetings with regional stakeholders to determine if a regional approach is feasible.

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