UPDATE: More video of damage after fire at Sundance Chevrolet, dealership stays open


Sundance is located on East Saginaw Highway, just outside of the Grand Ledge city limits and their used-car lot was full of firefighters beginning at around 11:30 last night.

“My General Manager called me at about quarter to one or one thirty somewhere around there last night and said that our bunk house is on fire, and he said that it’s burning real hot,” says Owner Terry Hanks.

Hanks says, when he got to his dealership, he couldn’t believe his eyes, a fire had burned down the office building where many of his employees worked, leaving nothing except the stone fire-place.

“If the building would have been more involved or a little bit heavier, or if the wind would have been different, we could have had a totally different ballgame,” says Grand Ledge Fire Chief, Rodney Vandecasteele.

According to Vandecasteele, the call to the department came in, when a cleaning crew inside another building at the dealership realized the log cabin was on fire.

Firefighters immediately took action, working for nearly 3-hours to put out the smoke and heavy flames that spread to more than 30-vehicles sitting on display alongside the building.

“With the heat and the plastic on them, it just went from car to car,” says Vandecasteele.

Luckily, Hanks says, the damaged vehicles had not been sold to customers, and the safe holding the title’s to each car, survived the fire.

However, Hanks says, that doesn’t mean the dealership got off easy.

“They’re Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, and every other thing,Porsches, in here, so gosh knows how much that’s going to be,” says Hanks.

The fire department says, with the number of vehicles involved, it could be days before a cause of the fire is determined.

However, the dealership says, they will stay open and ready for businesses.

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