UPDATE: Police launch investigation into party bus company in Lansing


UPDATE (5:25 p.m.) – 6 News learned the name of the person who owns “LansingParty.com” Wednesday, and learned new details about other businesses he runs.

Clinton County Sheriff’s officials say Christopher Staggs is the owner of the company.

6 News talked to Xavier Davis, one of Staggs former employees, who said it was no coincidence police impounded the company’s buses Saturday.

“According to the sheriff they got a tip that they were going to be out this weekend and operating,” Davis said.

According to Davis, authorities have known about “LansingParty.com” for a while now, as well as the dozens of companies out there just like it.

Davis shared business records with 6 News Wednesday showing that Staggs is the owner of several companies that are marketed as party bus businesses.

He told 6 News those businesses include the following:

www.lansingparty.com, www.mibusparty, www.lansingpartyvan.com, eastlansingpartybus.com, www.battlecreekpartybus.com, www.kalamazoopartybuslimo.com, www.lansinglimos.com, www.capitollimolansing.com, www.owossopartybusandlimo.com, lansinglimoservices.com, www.kalamazoolimo.org, www.jacksonlimo.org, www.buspartylansing.com, www.buspartygr.com, www.buspartyoakland.com, www.brewerspartybuslimo.com, www.buspartycentral.com.

He said those businesses are sometimes used to trick people out of their money, a story that seems to be backed up by some online reviews.

“You pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 for that bus. Then they tell you either the day before or the day of your event, sorry we cant pick you up we have to cancel your event,” Davis said, “Then when you try to call them nobody answers the calls go straight to voicemail, they wont return your emails.”

Police also say some of the businesses lack the proper certification and insurance.

Clinton County court records show that in July of this year, Staggs pleaded guilty to operating limousines without certification of authority, or insurance.

This time around, the company is defending itself against any possible new charges.

In a statement to 6 News, “LansingParty.com” said it has had previous citations for the same allegations.

It continues to say it was successfull in “having charges dropped and cases dismissed” in jurisdictions including Lansing, Jackson and Detroit.

Now, the company is claiming the latest citations are an attempt by police to harass the company and its customers.

6 News reached out to Staggs personally over the phone and on Facebook. Staggs responded on Facebook Wednesday.

When 6 News asked if he owned the company “LansingParty.com” he did not give a straight answer, and said instead we should talk to the proper company media representative. However, he didn’t say who that person is.

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The party bus company “Lansing Party” is under investigation after two of its buses were impounded by police over the weekend.

It all started when a group of employees with MSU Greenline contacted “LansingParty.com” about geting buses to go to Andy T’s Farm for an event.

An employee for Greenline, Joe Cywinski, said at first the company seemed legitimate.

“This was suprisingly one of the best companies, one of the most responsive companies that we got a quote from,” Cywinski said. “They we’re pretty good about picking up their calls answering text messages things like that.”

But at the event Saturday, another employee, Chelsea Hayse said this happened:

“Around 11:30 I was notified that our busses we’re being impounded and that I was being subpeonaed by the police.”

Police say the party buses rented from Lansing Party had no insurance and had not had their annual inspection. Authorities also told 6 News the business itself isn’t even licensed to operate.

When the students on the bus asked their driver what had happened, he didn’t give them a straight answer.

“I got kind of a roundabout answer, he sorta dodged the question and sort of mumbled some stuff about the police officers things like that giving him a hard time,” Cywinski said.

The students that took the buses also said the weirdness started much earlier than that night.

“They wanted to come pick up the money the day before and they said they had a representative in the area but then all day friday we weren’t able to contact them,” Hayse said. “So really there were just sketchy interactions through the whole time trying to book the bus.”

6 News reached out to Lansing Party and checked out the address listed when you look up “LansingParty.com.” The building at that address was condemned.

However, he address Clinton County sheriff’s officials had for the business was a private residence, and when 6 News knocked on the door nobody answered.

When the students tried calling about getting their money back, they didn’t get an answer either.

“Actually when I reached out and contacted the original phone number I had been coordinating through it’s the first time it went to voicemail,” Hayse said. “It actually went to the voicemail of a fabrication company.”

The incident is still under investigation, leaving those MSU students out hundreds of dollars, and looking for answers.

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