UPDATE: Suspect arraigned in stabbing death


UPDATE: Antonio Ramon Lavoy was arraigned on the charge of open murder at the 55th District Court.

The Lansing Township Police Department released the name of the homicide victim, Janice Gwen Dugger, 55, of Lansing.

Lavoy’s next court date is scheduled for April 25th, 2019.

ORIGINAL STORY: A woman was stabbed to death Tuesday night in her home and a suspect is in jail. We now hear from the woman’s roommate who was there when it all happened.

It didn’t take police long to make an arrest and now they are trying to figure out what led up to the stabbing in Lansing Township.

The police have not released the suspect’s or the victim’s names, but her roommate calls her “Coco”.

He still can’t believe she’s gone and he hopes he didn’t escalate this situation.

“I like both of them,” said Steven Gochberd. “The guy that probably did it, he was like half a friend.”

Gochberd lived at his home on Homer Street with his roommate Coco. Tuesday night she had a guy over. This guy is now in jail, accused in her death.

Lansing Township Police Chief Adam Kline said, “They had been drinking most of the night.”

“I went back to my room for about 10 minutes,” said Gochberd. “After six or seven minutes, I hear that one guy get angry and then she says a couple things back and then it was just really really quiet.”

It was quiet because Coco had just been stabbed, but she had enough strength to call the police.

Kline said “The victim called 911 and said she had been stabbed in the throat.”

“She was holding the phone like this and then it just dropped out of her hand, hit the floor,” said Gochberd.

The suspect had run off, but he was quickly picked up by police. Officers recognized his name.

“He did not have a proper home address, it was more of a camp of an abandoned area,” Kline said. “They were familiar with it and sure enough, he was there.”

Gochberd said the suspect must have snapped.

“And I hope I didn’t hurt the situation because he once said he thought of me, the only one he thought of as a father figure,” said Gochberd.

Gochberd talks about a conversation he had with the suspect the night before. They talked about an earlier fight the suspect had with Coco.

“he said, she stabbed me in the thigh and she hit me over the head with the golf club, I should murder her and I said yeah you should and then I said I would hit her in the face, but that’s me,” Gochberd said. “I thought we were just talking emotions and I wonder in some strange way I gave him permission.”

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