US-127 “sound wall” project delayed once again, homeowners frustrated


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – For homeowners that live near US-127 by Grand River Avenue and Lake Lansing Road, the sound of constant cars driving by is over-powering…and has been for years.

This is why, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation Spokesperson Kari Arend, the “sound wall” project was created in the first place.

“To mitigate that noise along that corridor for those homeowners, a wall was warranted,” said Arend.

Construction started last spring, March 1st to be exact and was supposed to wrap up in October of last year but because of numerous set-backs, the project is still not finished.

“There have been delays with the fabrication issues, getting the pieces of the wall themselves in place,” Arend stated.

The hold-up on the project has caused a lot of frustration for residents who simply want a quiet neighborhood…

“We were thinking it was going to be done by the end of the summer and we were excited and then it was like nothing for months so to finally see some progress being made it’s you know good but then it was like…what was the delay?” homeowner Jennifer Smith said.

“It’s been really frustrating for everybody. It’s a bummer to have another winter having it be so loud,” homeowner Sarah Johnson added.

Come April of this year, construction is supposed to pick back up with hopes of completing the project by mid-July.

“We know this project has taken longer than expected but we do appreciate everyone’s patience and we are hopeful to have this project completed this summer,” Arend stated.

Arend says because of the many set-backs, any potential fines or penalties M-DOT faces will be determined when the project wraps up.

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