Vapor wake dogs made Breslin Center the safest place on campus


The nationally televised Michigan State – Notre Dame basketball game Thursday night was hugely successful for our Spartans by grabbing the big win and sending a statement. The packed house at the Breslin Center was also the safest place on campus because among all the loud sounds were lots of sniffs, smells, and snooping around.

Cora, a beautiful Labrador with the MSU Police was busy brandishing her skill as a vapor wake dog. That means if Cora smells something suspicious, she trails the target until it stops and then sits behind it.

Adam Atkinson with MSU police says this is a huge advantage in providing a much safer situation for fans.

“You’re not just doing your sweeps ahead of time, but they can be utilized before the event, during the event, and all the way up to the conclusion of the event.”

Plus, despite the rivalry on the court, Cora had a few co-workers helping her courtesy of Notre Dame Police. Fighting Irish authorities have two vapor wake dogs and teamed up with MSU to maximize safety according to ND Police officer Jarett Gilpin.

“We’re working with each other and training with each other, it’s very nice to have that friendship.”

It’s a special bond between both universities, helping to lead the way in this new and advanced way to protect people.

“These dogs are definitely becoming the new thing in law enforcement” says Gilpin. “We’re just very lucky to have them at Notre Dame and at Michigan State.”

This is the third time these K-9 teams have worked together during sporting events with likely more planned in the future.

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