Video of Facebook Live murder shown in Jackson courtroom


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – In the fourth day of an on-going murder trial in Jackson County, a stunned courtroom watched a Facebook Live video that shows the killing of a 26-year-old woman.


6 News was in the court room as the shocking 25 minute video was played for the jury.

The night of Nov. 8, 2016, Anthony Gelia started a Facebook Live broadcast that changed lives forever.


The live stream shows Gelia and his girlfriend hanging around his SUV in a parking lot.


“What’s up? What’s up live? Can anyone talk to me?” Gelia said in the video


One minute he’s rapping and chugging bottles of alcohol, and then he’s threatening to kill police officers.


“I could go over there right now and pop a pig in the f****** head,” Gelia said, referencing a police traffic stop happening on the road behind him.


Gelia gets increasingly angry and talks about his struggles with mental illness, calling himself “guaranteed crazy.”


In the broadcast he shows a gun and threatens anyone who comes to confront him.


“I got one in the chamber right now,” Gelia said.

He eventually fires one shot into the parking lot.


A friend of Gelia’s enters the video and says she knows where his brother is.


They drive to a house on Jefferson Street to confront him over a previous fight on Facebook.


The video shows him walking up to the house with his gun.


Gelia pounds on the front door and then kicks it in.


Loud noises and shouting are heard on the live stream.


Several shots are fired and the feed goes black, but you can still hear the terror.


More screams, curse words, and gunshots are heard before Gelia exits the house.   


In the home’s basement was 26-year-old Brittany Southwell who was shot and killed while holding her baby boy when a bullet went through a door.


After the shooting, Gelia looks directly into the camera.


“What’s up? Who’s the real mother-f****** in this b***?” Gelia said.


Moments later, Gelia gets back in to the vehicle and they drive off.


“Did he shoot someone?” asked a female voice in the vehicle.


Later that night, police stopped the SUV in the Brooklyn area and arrested Gelia.


He’s now on trial for open murder.


In police interviews played in court, Gelia admits to shooting up the house but says he never meant to kill anyone, and was upset when he learned a mother of three young children was killed.


His defense argues that the murder was not pre-meditated.


But prosecutors claim Gelia went to the house that night ready to kill.


The trial continues next week with closing arguments on Monday and then the jury will start deliberations.

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