BATH, Mich. (WLNS) – Today marks 95 years since the deadliest school attack in United States history – the Bath School bombing.

44 lives were lost that day back in 1927; 38 of them were children.

Wednesday evening relatives of the victims and the community got together to remember the lives lost.

“My dad lost his brother and I think about him and I think about my grandmother,” said vigil organizer Bruce Harte.

Officials say an angry school board member was unhappy about taxes and hid nearly 500 pounds of explosives throughout the school.

Some of them went off at 8:45 that morning.

At the vigil, many held memories from that day close to their hearts.

“My grandmother saw her husband looking at their son and sobbing and turned around and went home. It’s personal particularly this time of year,” said Harte.

Attendees said Wednesday’s anniversary is a chance to grieve, while also celebrating the Bath community for picking up the pieces.

“Grief is there… it has to be coped with. Our people rebuilt. That victory over that adversary is what I think we need to celebrate as much as we do the loss of the children,” said Jim Church.

Earlier this month, Irene Dunham, the last survivor of the Bath School massacre passed away. She decided to stay home that day in 1927 because of a sore throat.

Dunham was 114 years old when she died.