Virtual Reality is the Latest Tactic The Army is Using to Recruit


In 2018, the Army fell 6,500 people short of its 80,000 recruiting goals. It was the first time the Army didn’t meet its goal since the height of the Iraq war in 2005.

To appeal to today’s youth, the Army launched “In Our Boots”.

The program uses virtual reality to take recruits onto the battlefield. The visuals are from real people, and the scenarios are actual missions. 

Some people feel the app may glamorize the Army because it doesn’t portray extreme violence that could come with combat. 

“There’s several explosions, you’ll get to see kind of the weapon systems that we use in the army, but no your not going to be seeing like that Hollywood style stuff that everyone comes to know when they think of military movies and what not” said Capt. Mark Ziegler.

Ziegler is the Commander of Lansing recruiting and he says the app is very realistic and added there are 150 jobs in the Army and only 17% are combat related.

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