Volunteers fill buses headed south with donations for #LansingStrong4Texas Campaign

Just as many are heading down to Florida, others are still collecting donations for those in Texas who were impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey.

“It’s amazing and it shows that ya know, the community, we are all there for each other and we want to help any way we can and we’re going to continue to do that,” says Executive Director of the Mid-Michigan Red Cross, Kelly King.

It’s been less than a week since officials kicked off the #LansingStrong4Texas Flood Relief Campaign.

And within just a few days, the number of items donated to help those impacted by Tropical Storm Harvey have really stacked up.

“We all could be in a situation some time where we hope the rest of the country would come together and help us and I think if you look around the country there’s been a tremendous output of support.  I just think it’s what’s good about people,” says Vice President of Governmental Affairs at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Mark Cook.

The buses will also be used to bring anyone back here to Michigan if they want to leave the south to be reunited with family.

So whether it’s donations to help people or buses to transport them, officials say this effort has been successful.

“We’re going to get everything there starting tomorrow and Tuesday, if we don’t get it all then we’re going to send another bus later this week,” says President and CEO of Dean Transportation, Kellie Dean.

The items loaded onto buses today aren’t the only part of the campaign.

“Folks have been making donations to the website that we have set up for the city of Lansing,” says King.

King says, with the help of the community and Lansing’s Mayor Virg Bernero who donated $5,000 of his campaign funds, the Capital City has raised more than 8500 dollars for those in need. Proving that Lansing is strong for Texas.

The devastation caused by Harvey and Irma won’t be going away anytime soon.

If you’re looking for a way to give, but don’t know where to start, head over to the Red Cross donation page.

You can even specify whether you want the funds to go to the victims of Harvey, Irma, or general disaster relief.

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